Client Reviews


After seeing some of Raw Design’s projects online, I had confidence that they would be able to bring out the design I wanted as their portfolio fits the theme I was looking for. I’ve heard from a few friends that some designers do not produce a set of comprehensive drawings so it impresses us how Samantha would draw out everything from the carpentry works, lightings to coordinate everything together. I really like how she transformed my kids room into a huge space by knocking down a wall to combine two rooms into one. Most of the furniture are also custom-made by Samantha and it was incredible how she would tailor made them so they would fit well into my house. Before the renovation kicked off, Samantha and her team would come down to the site every week to discuss and prepare for the upcoming renovation. I left the work to Samantha and it’s amazing how the outcome turned out to be exactly what she had sketched out for us.


I met Samantha through a mutual friend and after meeting her and seen her resume, I decided to engage her as we shared a common design direction. She converted my HDB into something unexpected and truly one-of-a-kind! All my friends raved about how nice my place is and even my neighbours would pop by and admire it. When I consulted with Samantha, she would ask about my lifestyle and then come out with designs which really fit my needs and preferences. Samantha is very patient and efficient. In saying that, my place was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule and she would push the contractor to get the job done. The contractors did a good job as well despite the increased pace of work. Even on weekends, Samantha would be on site to supervise the ongoing works. I will let the pictures of my house on the website speak for themselves! Thank you Samantha!


Having stayed overseas for some time, I had a very clear design direction for my home in Singapore so I communicated this to Samantha on our very first meeting. Straight away we shared a common interest in the use of raw materials. I personally dislike wood laminates and Samantha was able to source a independent wood craftsman to construct my master piece book shelf. Although a little pricy, the reclaimed teak book shelf always garners compliments from all my friends and visitors. The coordination was left purely to Samantha and I only visited once a week if there were details to be further discussed. Overall, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the final product and I am glad Samantha was able transform my input into reality

*reviews collected from real client feedback.

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